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Webinar Recording – 7 Levels of Discovery Skills for Communicating Customer Value

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined the fine folks at Cuvama for this webinar on doing discovery and communicating value...

Webinar Recording – Delivering Successful Hybrid Demos

Great Demo!’s Julie Hansen joined the Consensus crew for this webinar...

Great Demo! Webinar Topics – Poll

We’ve had a number of requests for various webinar topics – let us know which are of most interest to you…!

Webinar Recording:  Fabulously Successful Presales/Sales Partnering Principles

"Our job is to make you fabulously successful…!” proclaims a senior presales leader to her sales counterparts.  But how do we make this a

Great Demo! Chat Recording:  XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes – Episode 34

“We found the origins stories [about the methodology and the book] interesting, but the next sections were particularly useful, as you described and developed

Webinar Recording: First Call Demos and Discovery – A Surprisingly Effective Approach

How do you satisfy your prospect’s desire to see a demo without inflicting them with a Harbor Tour?  How can you move them (gently,

Intriguing Webinar:  “Change Before You Have To:  Leading the Presales Transformation Inside Your Organization”

This should be an insightful discussion!  Join Adam Freeman, Garin Hess, Freddy Mangum and Great Demo!’s own Peter Cohan in this conversation about life,

Dramatically Increase Interaction in Virtual Demos DEMOFEST Presentation

Virtual audiences are notoriously passive during demos. Blank faces stare back at you. Your questions go unanswered. As an SE, hearing only your own

“Acting Tips for Connecting On-Camera” DEMOFEST Presentation

Acting Tips for Connecting On-Camera focused on: - The secret to “being natural” on-camera - How to create eye contact with your customer -

The New Normal of B2B SaaS Sales – Webinar Recordings

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined Demodesk’s CEO Veronika Riederle for a two-part interview, exploring "How has the Discovery process changed with COVID?" and the

“7 Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos” DEMOFEST 2020

In 7 Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos we explored data-driven best practices (as opposed to opinions!):

“Scaling Presales Effectiveness”

Peter Cohan joined John Care and Don Carmichael when the fine folks at Consensus convened this panel in a “Scaling Presales Effectiveness” webinar. 

What is Presales Series: Presales is the Secret to Shorter Sales Cycles

Learn “The 7 Habits of Stunningly Successful Demos” from speaker and author Peter Cohan to ensure you are engaging prospects, fast-tracking deals, and putting

Great Demo! Intro Webinar – Recording

The fine folks at Zoom hosted a webinar in which Peter Cohan provided an introduction to Great Demo! 

Automated Demo Content – Webinar Recording

You’ve been asked to put together the content for an automated or recorded demo – where do you start?  What should be included?

Discovery and Demo Strategies and Tactics for Transactional Sales Cycles DEMOFEST Presentation

Discovery and Demo Strategies and Tactics for Transactional Sales Cycles

Seven Skills Levels for Stunningly Successful Discovery – Webinar Recording

Many sales and presales practitioners say they are skilled at doing Discovery – but are they? Where are you on this progression?

Webinar Recording: Demos as a Team Sport – The Roles of Sales and Presales in Great Demos

Preparing and delivering demos should be perceived as a “team sport” when two or more people are involved on the vendor’s side. The days

Webinar Recording: How to Deliver an Exceptional Remote Demo – A Mini-Clinic

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan gave a mini-clinic for AnnexQ’s Jeremy Mendoza, walking Jeremy through creating a Situation Slide for his offering and developing a

Why Your Discovery Calls Are Hurting Your Sales

“I hate to break it to you, but your discovery calls might actually be hurting your sales..."

Presales Collective Webinar Recording – The Competitive Play: Why, When, and How

As presales professionals we deal with competition daily. Join presales veterans Peter Cohan, Nidhi Shah, and Marjorie Abdelkrime as they shared stories and provided

2020 DEMOFEST Presentations Recordings

The recordings of Peter Cohan’s “7 Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos” presentation and Julie Hansen’s “Acting Tips for Connecting On-Camera” as well the other

Webinar Recording – The Perfect Presales Demo Environment – and Terrific New Tool

“Sorry, I don’t have an example like that in our demo system…” “No, we can’t show that workflow – this is a demo database…”

“Getting to Great:  Coaching for 7 Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos” – Webinar Recordings

Traditional-average demos – and traditional-average demo delivery – are simply insufficient today!  We introduced seven habits that correspond to (rather dramatic) increases in demonstration

Webinar Recording – What is Presales Series: Presales Is the Secret to Shorter Sales Cycles

Buyers want experts.  In today’s world of product-led sales there has never been a bigger opportunity or risk in leveraging the presales team. The
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