DEMOFEST 2022 Sessions Recordings – Full Access - Great Demo

DEMOFEST 2022 Sessions Recordings – Full Access

Good news! The fine folks at Consensus have made all of the DEMOFEST sessions easily accessible here, whether you registered previously or not.

Here are sessions from the Great Demo! Team:

  • Build Trust and Eliminate Credibility-Crushers on Video – Julie Hansen. Excellent, immediately actionable tips and practices for engaging audiences over the web. This is a terrific presentation!
  • Stunningly Awful Demos: Insufficient Customization – Peter Cohan. In which I examine why demos fail due to the lack of sufficient customization, and then address five dimensions of customization that yield more successful outcomes. I close with a handful of simple, yet very effective techniques to improve your win rates.
  • Scaling PreSales: How to organize your PreSales teams when Resources are scarce, Customers are more demanding, and Software evolves at the speed of light – Natasja Bax. This extremely thoughtful and thought-providing presentation explores strategies and tactics for aligning presales teams with your go-to-customer motions.
  • Category Creation of Demo Automation – I joined this Keynote Panel Discussion. DEMOFEST closed with this shorter segment, exploring life, liberty and the pursuit of demo automation (or, as I suggest, “Buyer Experience Enablement”).

Hope you find the sessions useful!


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