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Possible Presales Job Titles of the Future (and Some Current)

Here are a handful of presales job titles and functions that we might expect to see in the future (and some prescient organizations may already have some of these folks in place!):

  • Presales Technology Scout – explores emerging tools and technologies specifically for presales
  • Presales Demo Environment Master/Manager/Engineer – manages and constantly improves the demo environment(s)
  • Automated Demo Experience Coordinator – develops, updates, and manages content and production of automated demo assets (already in place for some organizations now)
  • Solutioning Collaborator – supports and assists presales practitioners in defining solutions spanning multiple products and/or technologies
  • Presales Value Master/Manager/Engineer – collects value data from customers (e.g., Informal Success Stories), generates and provides value models to presales
  • Presales Operations Manager – supports presales activities to improve leverage/scaling
  • MOF Operations Manager (Middle of the Funnel Operations Manager) – a more specific version of the previous, supporting and improving presales’ discovery, demos, solutioning, POCs, POVs, RFPs, etc. processes
  • Presales Mentors Coordinator – connects presales practitioners and front-line managers with mentors, tracks and manages
  • Presales Front-line Manager Mentor – guides newly-minted presales front-line managers in their new roles, responsibilities, practices and guidelines
  • Presales Content Coordinator – collects, organizes, promotes and tracks utilization of content-based presales resources (such as Informal Success Stories and stories, Situation Slides, Illustrations, demo “chunks”, etc.)
  • Customer Experience Specialist – cycles roles periodically between product, presales, and customer success (also known as the “Copley Plan” – a highly successful method of leveraging the knowledge and experiences of each role into the next…)
  • Presales Ambassador (part-time) – explains what presales does to other departments

Note that today, many of the roles are perceived as “small pieces” of the current overall swath of presales activities…!

Any others to suggest?

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