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Critical Business Issues: A Brief Exploration of What, Why, When, and How

Check out this 4.5-minute video that examines the importance and use of Critical Business Issues in sales and buyer enablement processes. Many thanks to ...

Demo Caffeine!

“Ready to transform your demos from “show up and throw up” to decisive deal catalysts?” I joined Tom Pisello the “ROI Guy” and April ...

Demo Jockeys Interview Part 2 – Doing Discovery

I joined the fabulous folks at the Demo Jockeys for a discussion of the Doing Discovery book. Here’s a timeline for part 2 of ...

Rev Shots: What Is Lead Churn? (And How to Capitalize on Others’ Mistakes!)

I joined the fabulous Dionne Meyer of Inside Sales by Design for this 25-minute Rev Shots discussion – here is Dionne’s summary: “Wow! Our ...

Demo Jockeys Interview – Doing Discovery

I joined the fabulous folks at the Demo Jockeys for a discussion of the Doing Discovery book. Here’s a timeline for part 1 of ...

Bits About Books – Great Demo! Third Edition Conversation

From the host: “Bits About Books episode #70 featuring Peter E. Cohan, is now live. We welcome him back to BAB and speak with him about ...

Two Presales in a Pod – Digging into Discovery

How much discovery is enough, and is a disco demo a good thing or bad thing? Peter Cohan joined legume-man Adam Freeman for this ...

Interview: The importance of Discovering Critical Business Issues

Listen to the recent interview of Peter Cohan by Tom Meerstadt of Cuvama where he shares practical tips to avoid “No Decision” outcomes. They explored: ...

The Sales Hustle Podcast – Great Demo! & Doing Discovery Insights

“Sales, presales, and the tools that get us there…” I joined Miles Martin for this 40-minute exploration of: Intro – with a reverse! Experiences ...

Considering Presales? Interviewing? Newly Hired? Check Out This Path to Presales Podcast

I joined Matt Madden for this 1-hour exploration of your first few steps into presales and opportunities to accelerate your journey. We discussed: The ...

Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast Recording – Champion Enablement

If you are hungry for more recordings, here is a wonderful appetizer for you: Episode 66 – Champion Enablement. From the Legumes: “This episode ...
0 Doing Discovery Insights: The Tony Moze Podcast – How to Do Discovery in Sales & Presales

30 Doing Discovery Insights: The Tony Moze Podcast – How to Do Discovery in Sales & Presales

I joined Tony Moze for this 65-minute exploration of: Why I wrote Doing Discovery “It’s not what I know, it’s what they tell me…!” ...

Podcast: 23 Nuggets from Doing Discovery – Technically Sold

I joined Julien Emery of Technically Sold and Superpanel for this 55-minute discussion about Doing Discovery. (Note: I am NOT responsible for the title ...

Gondola.ai Discovery Video Interview

You’ll note that the conversation includes many of the key discovery elements introduced in Doing Discovery. You can find this 27-minute interview here!

Bits About Books – Doing Discovery Interview

“Bits about books episode #54 featuring Peter Cohan. We speak with him about his new book Doing Discovery – The Single Most Important Element of ...

Two Presales in a Pod – What Is Lead Churn?

In which we explore stories of the horrors of “Lead Churn” (and some solutions).

Lead Limbo? – Burning Presales Podcast

ow do you qualify good prospects and deal with people 'just browsing'?

Burning Presales Podcast – Discovering Discovery

What exactly is good discovery and why is understanding it so important?

“Bits About Books” Interview

This 50-minute interview explores the Great Demo! founding story and origins of the book, plus descriptions and explanations of many Great Demo! concepts.

Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast

"2022 PreSales Predictions: Check out the Two PreSales in a Pod - Podcast festive episode."

Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast 42

What is a hybrid demo meeting - and how do we manage them?

“Burning Presales” Podcast

The fine folks at Consensus have started a “Burning Presales Podcast” series – Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan was honored with the first two installments...

Demo Diaries: Ep 034 Podcast “As A Vendor, Who Is The Demo About, You or Your Client”

This 30 min. podcast features: - The experience and epiphany that led to the Great Demo! methodology (a rather provocative story!); - Some key ideas ...

Two PreSales in a Pod – Podcast

From the Podsters: “Episode 29 – Vision Generation Demos featuring Peter Cohan, available to stream now!

The Ignition Demo: A Conversation with Peter Cohan – Podcast

I joined Randy Frank of Navattic to explore the “Ignition Demo”, the spark needed to engage early stage prospects in the buying journey.
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