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Great Demo! Virtual Demos Best Practices

Want a Horror Story? I’ll give you a teaser: The punchline is, “Nope, I’m good…” I watch dozens of recorded virtual demos from my …

Top Twelve 2022 Great Demo! & Doing Discovery Posts

ere are the top twelve Great Demo! & Doing Discovery posts from 2022 chosen by you, discerning audience. Enjoy! 

‘Twas the Night Before the Big Demo

Twas the night ‘fore the demo and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, ‘cept my SE and their mouse;
I’d proposed a big licensing deal with great care
In hopes a big order soon would be there…

A Terrible Tabs Demo Death March

I was watching a demo recently where the presenter executed one of the longest Terrible Tabs Demo Death Marches I’ve seen. No fewer than 11 (eleven!) tabs were explored, one after another after another after another after…

Stunningly Awful Discovery and Demos Viewed as an Appalling Dining Experience

As you read this story, contemplate how it maps to traditional ineffective and inadequate discovery and demos.
Imagine that you and four colleagues are a bit hungry and decide to have a bite…

A Demo Horror Story – Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

“This story could be called, ‘The Sales Prevention Team’!” he commented ruefully. The Workshop participants and I all leaned forward to listen…

Discovery on the Fly? Some Plane Thinking

The temptation can be strong to try Discovery on the Fly, particularly when the prospect initiates an inbound lead by clicking the “Book a Demo” button. After all, they want to see a demo, right? We’ll just ask them a few questions along the way…

What is Lead Churn?

Have you ever reached out to a vendor to learn about an offering – and been refused? Have you ever clicked the “Book a Demo” button on a vendor’s website – and never saw a demo? How did you feel?

The Content-Free Buzzword-Compliant Vocabulary List

“Our powerful software is flexible, intuitive, easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly with your other tools. Robust and scalable, your organization can enjoy the benefits of …

The Significant Failure of Selling in Modern Demos

The Tell, Show, Tell approach has served the industry well for years and has helped many presales consultants improve their ability to tell stories and connect with buyers.   However, when we consider new research from the world’s leading sales methodologies, we find that some methodologies need elaboration to ensure they are adapting to today’s best practice sales methods.

Rescue – From the Tyranny of Traditional Demos

Throw off the shackles of the old traditional approach. Embrace this new, delightfully effective approach to creating and delivering demos.

Presales Tools Summary – April 2022

Here is a listing of presales tools that we’ve explored, including a paragraph from the vendor and our comments for many of these offerings.

Stunningly Awful Demos – Buying It Back

Have you ever been in a situation where your prospect said, “In your demo, you showed us a bunch of stuff that we’ll never use – and we don’t want to pay for capabilities that we won’t use, so either remove those capabilities or cut the price…” 

Assessing Demonstration Skill Levels – How Does Your Team Rate?

Many presales and sales practitioners say they are skilled at doing demos – but are they?  Here’s a simple method to assess where you and your team stand, based on twelve levels of increasing proficiency – the Twelve Levels of Demonstration Skills.

Stunningly Awful Demos:  Insufficient Customization

Are your current demos sufficiently customized, from your prospects’ perspective?  What more customization could you do to improve your demo effectiveness?

A Dinner Party as an Analogy for Discovery

You’ve invited a large number of friends and colleagues over for a dinner party – how do you prepare?  The process the Party Planner follows and questions asked provide a surprisingly good example for doing discovery in a software sales process. 

How to Rake Your Way into the Future of Presales

Keeping up with the rollercoaster of changes, or ‘new normals’ if you will, is something we’re all facing in the middle of this COVID-19 commotion. But for presales in the IT and software industry it may feel like somewhat of a recognizable phenomenon. The comfort of a steady normal has been fading in this field since the millennium and it looks like the latest turn of events will determine a different ball game yet again.

Presales Metrics – What to Measure and Why

Presales has entered a renaissance, enjoying increased visibility, emerging tools and communities, and cataloging of know-how and best practices.  This is the perfect time to rethink your vision for your organization (or your personal vision), set goals, assign objectives and explore KPIs to guide you and your team towards achieving your vision.

People Buy From People They Trust

B2B buyers expect sales reps to understand their business, but the reality is that buyers perceive that less than 50% of reps actually do. They expect the sales rep to provide a solution, but the fact is that buyers feel that 63% focus on their products. Additionally, while 86% of all buyers expect a trusted adviser relationship with sales reps, they perceive a transactional focus instead.

Hybrid Demo Meetings – The Challenges of Mixed Face-to-Face and Remote Audiences

What is the strategy for handling situations where you are face-to-face with one group of prospects and other participants are connecting remotely? 

Automated Demo Content – Getting It Right

You’ve been asked to put together the content for an automated or recorded demo – where do you start? What should be included?

Assessing Discovery Skill Levels – How Does Your Team Rate? (Updated and Expanded…)

Many sales and presales practitioners say they are skilled at doing Discovery – but are they? Here’s a simple method to assess, based on seven levels of increasing proficiency:

Discovery and Demos for Transactional Sales Cycles – When More Must Be Less (And Less More)

Is it possible to complete an introduction, engage with a Vision Generation Demo, segue into a Discovery conversation, deliver a brief Technical Proof Demo, and execute a soft close in a 45- or 60-minute call?


Expansion Questions – An Essential Discovery Skill

Expansion Questions are a series of interrelated questions designed to span five of the Discovery skills levels, from uncovering pain to reengineering vision. They are a simple, yet essential skill to master in doing Discovery – enabling vendors to extend, deepen, and quantify your prospect’s main pain and related impacted areas.

Your Persona Demo is Failing!

The breakdown with persona-based demos is the lack of ability to fully connect the challenges your audience is having with the value your solution provides.

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