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Great Demo!

Our demo training is the key to increasing your sales success rates while dramatically reducing your sales cycle time through highly compelling demos that focus on your customer's specific needs.

Hold their attention, prove your relevance, and make the sale in record time.

Our Great Demo! Workshop is more than the typical sales demo training, it's a critical building block in preparing your customer-facing team members and helping them excel. By the end of their experience, they will have the necessary skills to consistently deliver highly compelling, customer-focused demos and solutions time and time again.

Our sales demo training workshop isn’t an exercise in memorization. Instead, we give your team the tools they need to deliver effective solutions and demos, enhance the art of storytelling, quickly identify your client's needs and increase your sales success rates.

Qualifying Information

Being able to quickly assess whether or not a sales lead has the potential to become a client is an obvious step in the sales process. However, pre-qualifying them to ensure that they are the right type of client for you can greatly reduce the time sales individuals professionals spend in the process. Our workshop will teach you how to quickly assess and qualify leads so you can avoid wasting time, enabling you to devote more time to qualified leads.

Engaging Delivery

The key to a powerful demo is a multi-step process that involves an understanding of your audience, concise but engaging communication, and the ability to prove your company’s value in minutes. This workshop will teach your sales team how to incorporate each of these elements into their demos, effectively increasing their sales success rate.

Proving Capabilities

Knowing your company’s value isn’t beneficial during a demo unless you can prove it to your audience. We’ll teach you exactly how to deliver an engaging and relevant demo that ensures participants walk away with a complete understanding of your company’s capabilities and value to them.

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Participants Will Learn:

Choose Your Adventure

The sales discovery process is a critical component of the overall methodology for any sales campaign, but it has its own unique set of steps that should be performed in concert with other stages.


The behind-the-scenes stars of the sales process, we transform Presales teams into surprisingly effective solution and value-focused rock stars.


We enable sales teams with high-performance strategies and skills that maximize their discovery conversations and demos.

Business Development

We instruct business development representatives on how to quickly and efficiently assess potential customers, optimizing your lead generation processes.

Customer Success

Great Demo! teaches customer success teams how to maximize revenue streams and enhance customer satisfaction from existing clients.


Methodology enables enablement. We’ll help you accelerate onboarding and ongoing development of your teams.


A strong leader’s power is felt both inside and outside the company. We’ll provide you with strategies and leadership best practices to enable your teams to thrive.


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Workshop Quick Summary

This workshop focuses on teaching how to consistently design and deliver engaging, concise, and customer-focused demos.
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