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Doing Discovery

A proven sales discovery process will uncover your customers’ needs and pain points and is essential to understanding the heart of the problem that your customers are trying to solve.

Untangle your customers' needs and solve them in less time than ever before.

This workshop will equip participants with a cohesive sales discovery process, transforming them into high-performing practitioners who exceed sales and customer success expectations. They'll leave with an understanding of how to use these skills - saving them time - to streamline processes, and identify exactly what your customers need most.

Whether your teams are in the office, on the road, or working from home, our pre-sales training courses ensure that you can be highly prepared and confident throughout the discovery and demo process from initial outreach to the close.

Discovering Business Value

Sales and presales professionals are good at highlighting features and explaining benefits, but they often neglect to communicate the business value – the financial impact of the software feature or solution. Through this in-depth technical pre-sales training, we’ll teach you how to uncover and communicate that value in a way that resonates with your prospects and increases your overall rates of success.

Discovering Impact

A key component of discovery conversations is expanding initial product footprints – understanding how your offering impacts other parts of your prospect’s business. As your demo coach, we’ll show you how to ask questions that uncover these impacts and set the stage for expansion opportunities with customers.

Uncovering Complexity

Many sales professionals overlook the fact that their prospects may have complex needs, which can invalidate their current product roadmap or force them into an entirely new sales process. We’ll show you how to ask questions that reveal this complexity so you can adapt your offerings accordingly.

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Participants Will Learn:

Choose Your Adventure

The sales discovery process is a critical component of the overall methodology for any sales campaign, but it has its own unique set of steps that should be performed in concert with other stages.


The behind-the-scenes stars of the sales process, we transform Presales teams into surprisingly effective solution and value-focused rock stars.


We enable sales teams with high-performance strategies and skills that maximize their discovery conversations and demos.

Business Development

We instruct business development representatives on how to quickly and efficiently assess potential customers, optimizing your lead generation processes.

Customer Success

Great Demo! teaches customer success teams how to maximize revenue streams and enhance customer satisfaction from existing clients.


Methodology enables enablement. We’ll help you accelerate onboarding and ongoing development of your teams.


A strong leader’s power is felt both inside and outside the company. We’ll provide you with strategies and leadership best practices to enable your teams to thrive.


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Workshop Quick Summary

Learn the Seven Levels of Discovery Skills, a necessary component to effective discovery conversations that enable the identification of the audiences’ needs.
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