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Sales Enablement

Refining the Tools of the Trade. For your sales and customer-facing teams to perform effectively, they need access to the best resources.

From data to discovery to product demonstration best practices, we provide your team with the training needed to have maximum impact.


Boost Win Rates

Achieved increases in demo win rates of 25-75%

Shrink Sales Cycle

Reduced sales cycle length by 50%

Sales Methodology

Reinforcement of existing sales methodology investments.

Reduces Demos

Reduced “wasted demos” by 50%

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Stay on top and leverage resources.

By learning how to track and leverage what resources are being used across your organization, you can maximize your sales enablement efforts more efficiently.

Deliver customer first enablement.

High-quality sales enablement should be centered around the customer. By identifying how your resources impact a potential buyer, workflows can be streamlined, best practices created and sales performance increased.

Improve measurement and improve sales effectiveness.

Perhaps the most defining quality of sales enablement is measurement. By carefully monitoring such metrics as sales cycle length and average deal size, resources can be applied more effectively and efficiently.

Recommended Workshops for You!

Great Demo! offers a range of workshops designed to empower participants through extensive and in-depth roleplay exercises.

Great Demo!

Our comprehensive sales demo training is the key to increasing your overall sales rate while reducing your sales cycle time through concise, engaging, and qualifying demo communication.

Doing Discovery

A proven sales discovery process will uncover your customers’ needs and pain points and is essential to understanding the heart of the problem that your potential customers are trying to solve.

Accelerating Time to Value

Through training in effective and efficient qualification and discovery stages of the sales process, you can limit your no-decision outcomes and boost your sales rate.

Elevating Conversations

Increasing your client retention rate requires engaging and effective communication from your customer success, business developement, sales and marketing teams.

Additional Advanced Topics and Seminars for Enablement

Learn how to establish and drive interactivity using the tools available, tips, and best practices for connecting over the web.
Maximizing the Art of the Possible – enticing your prospect with a story and just enough demo to enable discovery to take place.
Methods to uncover and organize the key information needed to prepare for effective sales campaigns and winning demonstrations.
Nearly all demonstrators are good at showing features, some are skilled at communicating the benefits, but few seem to remember to express the business value for the prospect – we’ll make communicating the business value a consistent habit in demos.
Best practices for the variety of post-COVID demo meetings – when vendor and prospect players may be combinations of face-to-face and virtual.
Strong stories improve demos and presentations and help your audience better remember key messages. Learn how to capture, create and deliver compelling stories for your presentations.
We explore, develop and document practices that help your demos stand out, positively.
The essence is Quid pro quo – how to manage the process overall to get the business; when to do and when not to do POC’s and Sandboxes; strategies to increase your success rates.
Methods to anticipate, manage and overcome competitors in demo and related interactions. How to bias discovery towards your capabilities and block competition.
How to move from “here’s a really cool new feature…” to presenting how these new capabilities address customer problems and challenges – a customer-oriented approach to introducing new functionality.
We share best practices – and some surprising insights – for building and maintaining your demo environment, including hardware considerations, software practices, and human factors.
How to turn a “fire-hose” delivery of product and road-map information in a two-way conversation with high-ranking customer representatives.
Successful strategies and tactics to increase your success rates with scripted demos and RFP responses, including when to pursue, when to pull back, and how to gently subvert the process in your favor.
Many demos present “A day in the life” of a customer – often a series of confusing fictional characters working through a set of tasks, interspersed with loop-backs, “if”, “or” and “also” pathways and extensive excursions into “Set-Up Mode”. We’ll show how to reduce a painful “day in the life’ down to “Just a few minutes in your life.”
How to perform just enough discovery and present a crisp, compelling demo based on discovery just completed – in a 30-60 minute call…!
Many organizations are under pressure to call higher into their prospects – but most presales teams are still operating at a lower technical level. We’ll share methods to enable the team to comfortably move out of their comfort zones.
How to make each demo appear as fresh, engaging, and exciting – even after the 10th demo delivered that week.
Improving the organization and presentation of the content is the main focus – along with tips and techniques to engage and compel audience interest throughout the course of a presentation.
we’ll help you create your go-to-market messaging and demos for new products, shortening the time to getting your first real reference customer!
Develop the structure and methods to capture key sales information and present it after the demo to drive retention of your key messages.
Differentiating by helping prospects visualize how they can move from their current problem situation to the desired future state represented by your solution. 
SaaS (aka “Cloud”, “On-Demand”, “Hosted”, etc.) offerings have their own, additional set of demo challenges. We identify and cover how to address SaaS customer concerns and demo situations.

Lead your team to a higher level of performance!

The Great Demo! Enablement Package is a set of strategy guides and resources created to help customer-facing team leaders streamline and refine their post-training enablement efforts.
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