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DEMOFEST West Coast Live and Face-to-Face: “Overcoming Sales Objections” – March 29 San Francisco

I’ll be presenting “Overcoming Sales Objections – Why Many Sales Objections Shouldn’t Need to Be Overcome” at this face-to-face presales conference: “Help me understand how to handle customer sales objections…” “My team needs to learn how to handle objections…” “We get lots of sales objections in our demos and need
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2022 SE Trends Series Interview

Natasja Bax, Great Demo! EMEA Partner, joined Navattic for Episode 6 of the 2022 SE Trends Series. They discussed:
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Webinar Recording: Discovery on the Fly? Some Plane Thinking

The temptation can be strong to try Discovery on the Fly, particularly when the prospect initiates an inbound lead by clicking the “Book a Demo” button. After all, they want to see a demo, right? We’ll just ask them a few questions along the way…
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