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2022 SE Trends Series Interview

Natasja Bax, Great Demo! EMEA Partner, joined Navattic for Episode 6 of the 2022 SE Trends Series. They discussed:

Webinar Recording: Discovery on the Fly? Some Plane Thinking

The temptation can be strong to try Discovery on the Fly, particularly when the prospect initiates an inbound lead by clicking the “Book a Demo” button. After all, they want to see a demo, right? We’ll just ask them a few questions along the way…

Webinar: Create Deal Velocity with Vision Generation Demos!

An underutilized and remarkably effective technique, Vision Generation Demos have proven to be the crisp cure for stunningly awful Harbor Tours, cutting to the chase and saving tremendous time for both vendors and prospects. When should they be used? How are they delivered? How are they constructed?

Upcoming Webinar – How Buyer Enablement is Changing Discovery

How many of us have actually purchased enterprise software? How can we, as vendors, enable both novice and experienced buyers to make their buying and value realization processes as frictionless and successful as possible? What is the role of discovery in supporting these efforts? Discovery Video Interview

You’ll note that the conversation includes many of the key discovery elements introduced in Doing Discovery. You can find this 27-minute interview here!

Upcoming Webinar – The Science of Doing Discovery

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan will be joining the fine folks at Demoleap to discuss more about the Doing Discovery methodology, and how Demoleap helps to support a structured, consistent approach:

Webinar Recording: Storytelling and Demos

What makes an engaging story? How do you use stories in your demos in a way that connects to your audience?

Webinar Recording:  Rescue From the Tyranny of Traditional Demos

You may be suffering from the tyranny, the terror, and the trap of traditional demos…

Paul’s Practical Presales Partnering Principles – Pragmatic, Practiced, and Proven!

Great Demo!’s Paul Pearce joined Patrick Pissang for this impromptu, but extremely insightful discussion of real-life presales-sales partnering. There are some really excellent ideas here!

Upcoming Webinar: A Perfect Demo Environment – Revealed!

We’ll be exploring: Stop Apologizing, Include Problems, Don’t Call It a Demo, Personalize, Customize!

Upcoming Webinar: Are You Using No-touch, Low-touch, and Ignition Demos to Your Advantage?

Ignoring passive “just browsing” buyers may cause you to jeopardize tomorrow’s prospects…

DEMOFEST 2022 Sessions Recordings – Full Access

Good news! The fine folks at Consensus have made all of the DEMOFEST sessions easily accessible here, whether you registered previously or not.

Webinar Recording: The Evolution of PreSales with Natasja Bax

Vivun hosted this event – you can find the recording here…

Webinar Recording: How to Truly Engage Customers During Product Demos

We explored best (and worst!) practices for driving interactivity in demos delivered over the web. 

Webinar Recording: Anatomy of a Discovery Conversation

In which we will actually perform an unrehearsed discovery call, following our discovery methodology, with “call outs” from time to time to highlight and explain key elements, skills, and principles. This won’t be your standard webinar!


This year’s DEMOFEST lineup looks terrific – here is how to register. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Webinar Recording – “How PreSales Can Run More Effective Evalutions”

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined Brett Crane, VP of PreSales at Vivun, for a conversation on “how to execute evaluations with better outcomes while protecting your time and resources”.

Webinar Recording – 7 Levels of Discovery Skills for Communicating Customer Value

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined the fine folks at Cuvama for this webinar on doing discovery and communicating value…

Webinar Recording – Delivering Successful Hybrid Demos

Great Demo!’s Julie Hansen joined the Consensus crew for this webinar…

Great Demo! Webinar Topics – Poll

We’ve had a number of requests for various webinar topics – let us know which are of most interest to you…!

Webinar Recording:  Fabulously Successful Presales/Sales Partnering Principles

“Our job is to make you fabulously successful…!” proclaims a senior presales leader to her sales counterparts.  But how do we make this a win-win-win scenario for sales, presales, and customers?

Great Demo! Chat Recording:  XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes – Episode 34

“We found the origins stories [about the methodology and the book] interesting, but the next sections were particularly useful, as you described and developed many of the Great Demo! key ideas.  The segment on Vision Generation Demos clarified my understanding and your discussion of Technical Proof Demos is an excellent introduction for new people and a great refresher for our Workshop graduates.”

Webinar Recording: First Call Demos and Discovery – A Surprisingly Effective Approach

How do you satisfy your prospect’s desire to see a demo without inflicting them with a Harbor Tour?  How can you move them (gently, but firmly) into a discovery conversation in the same call?  Is it possible to do both and even offer a reasonable focused demo as well?

Intriguing Webinar:  “Change Before You Have To:  Leading the Presales Transformation Inside Your Organization”

This should be an insightful discussion!  Join Adam Freeman, Garin Hess, Freddy Mangum and Great Demo!’s own Peter Cohan in this conversation about life, liberty and the pursuit of positive change in presales organizations.

Dramatically Increase Interaction in Virtual Demos DEMOFEST Presentation

Virtual audiences are notoriously passive during demos. Blank faces stare back at you. Your questions go unanswered. As an SE, hearing only your own voice is painful and rarely leads to a successful outcome. In this session you’ll learn subtle shifts and hard tactics that encourage greater customer interaction and engagement in your virtual demos.

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