DEMOFEST Recordings - Great Demo

DEMOFEST Recordings

Recordings are now available from the DEMOFEST sessions – many thanks to the fine folks at Consensus who facilitated the entire conference! Here are links to the recordings from the Great Demo! & Doing Discovery Team’s participation:

(Note! If you haven’t registered, you’ll need to do so here before you can access the recordings.)

Panel | Team Optimization in a Down Economy – You can find the recording here.

 – With Natasja Bax and Art Fromm

Panel | Artificial Intelligence – You can find the recording here.

– With Julie Hansen

Elevate Your Influence with Virtual Executive Presence – You can find the recording here.

– With Julie Hansen

Working together seamlessly as a Sales AND Presales Team – You can find the recording .

– With Art Fromm

Doing Discovery & Great Demo! Gold Nuggets – A Selection of Refined Best Practices – You can find the recording here.

– with Peter Cohan

In this session, we unearthed the following nuggets:

  • The Menu Approach – Decide Where You Want to Mine
  • Presales / Sales Discovery Partnering – Who Digs for What?
  • “Mousing” and Zippy Mouse Syndrome – Using Your Mining Tools
  • Fewest Number of Clicks – Making Mining Look Easy
  • Situation Slides – Pure Gold! The Currency of Crisp Communication
  • Leveraging Use Cases – The Best Locations to Pursue
  • Fool’s Gold – Pursuing Pyrite
  • Toolkit Software – The LEGO Story – What’s This Good For?
  • The Next Gold Rush
  • Preview of Great Demo! 3rd Edition – Nuggets About to be Unearthed!

Enjoy! And let me know if you’d like a copy of the presentation.

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