Maximizing Sales Impact - x Great Demo! Webinar Recording - Great Demo

Maximizing Sales Impact – x Great Demo! Webinar Recording

Our session opened with an in-depth discussion on the Great Demo methodology, emphasizing its strategic approach to customer engagement through bespoke demonstrations. This methodology is specifically designed to overcome challenges typically faced during traditional demos, enhancing both customer understanding and retention.

Mike Genstil introduced the Value Core platform, a robust tool for intelligent value articulation across the customer journey. From assessing opportunity costs to creating compelling ROI stories, Value Core equips sales teams with the data needed to make impactful, informed decisions and presentations.

We stressed the importance of credibility in value articulation. Aligning figures with customer expectations and ensuring benefits are both achievable and realistic helps in fostering honest, effective dialogues with prospects.

The role of visual aids like situation slides, tailored to individual customer needs, was highlighted. These tools are not only configurable but also instrumental in conveying value through dynamic, engaging presentations.

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If you attended our session and want to avail Mike Genstil’s generous offer, listed below, you can reach out to him at
1. Complimentary 1-hour review of your existing ROI or TCO materials.
2. Creation of a complimentary web-based prototype of the ROI spreadsheet
3. Trial of the ValueCore software

If you have other inquiries, you can reach out to Paul H. Pearce via email or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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