Rev Shots: What Is Lead Churn? (And How to Capitalize on Others’ Mistakes!) - Great Demo

Rev Shots: What Is Lead Churn? (And How to Capitalize on Others’ Mistakes!)

I joined the fabulous Dionne Meyer of Inside Sales by Design for this 25-minute Rev Shots discussion – here is Dionne’s summary:

“Wow! Our Rev Shots show with Peter on Feb 23rd was fantastic. We covered a lot of ground so if making your demos better (i.e., generating more revenue), this is a must listen!

We talked about a simple three-prong approach to leveraging the “demo” step in the sales process to make it more in line with what our customers want. Meaning, we meet our buyers where they are in their buying cycle verses pulling them into our selling process.

This also means, our sellers must have conversational skills and the ability to ferret out what the client is NOT asking that is important. Bottom line, we’re talking about a blend of our sales process and that of our buyer’s to create the ultimate buying experience and customer engagement moment.

The three-pronged approach consists of:

  • Tech-Touch – every interaction is automated
  • Low-Touch – conduct a Vision Generation Demo
  • High-Touch – our seasoned and knowledgeable people meet our buyers first

Take a listen for more nuggets of wisdom and let us know your thoughts!
Thank you Peter, we look forward to having you back and talking more!”

Now, here are the details:

“The Potentially Gushing Leak in Your Pipeline!
We’re talking through the following points with Peter Cohan:

–        ‘Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets’
–        You click the ‘Book a Demo’ button on a vendor’s website – what happens next?
–        What happens when you get qualified out?
–        Some low-cost, low-touch solutions
–        Some moderate-cost, high-touch solutions (and their advantages)

Join us as we plug the hole in our leaky bucket!”

Click here for the discussion!

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