Dimensions of Discovery – Webinar Recording Available Now - Great Demo

Dimensions of Discovery – Webinar Recording Available Now

Does one size of discovery fit all prospects? 


A surprising number of dimensions impact your discovery effectiveness, beginning with your very first contact and proceeding well beyond purchase. What are these parameters and how do we address them?

How do you get the discovery information you need without overwhelming your prospect? How much is enough? What do you need to capture? We’ll examine:

  • Qualification vs Discovery
  • “Just Browsing” vs “Active Buying Process” Prospects
  • Simple Tools vs Complex Offerings
  • Champion Experience
  • Buyer Experience
  • Executives vs Everybody Else
  • Discovery Across the Technology Adoption Curve
  • A Medical Analogy
  • Applying a Discovery Methodology
  • So How Much Discovery Is Enough?

Here is the recording from this exploration of these intriguing and unexpectedly important discovery dimensions!

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