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POV Success Unlocked – Webinar Recording

pov success unlocked

In this recent webinar, we dove deep into the transformative methods from industry veterans, Brian Lewis from Homerun Presales and Brian Skrocki, CISSP  from JupiterOne, and the role of strategic training and purpose-built presales tools that led to their 100% success rate on POVs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • POV Process Management: Brian Skrocki shared how his team achieved a 100% technical win rate in their first quarter by implementing disciplined strategies.
  • Structured Evaluation Plans: The importance of creating mutual action plans with prospects, involving clear timelines, use cases, and success criteria to ensure high success rates while maintaining low sales costs, was highlighted.
  • Great Demo! Methodology: This methodology ensures that all necessary information is captured to fully understand the client’s needs, enabling the creation of a comprehensive plan that addresses specific business problems, which led to Jupiter One’s success.
  • Shark Tank Concept: The “Shark Tank” process was introduced for handling complex POV situations requiring more than standard integrations or extended time frames. This involves presenting cases to internal stakeholders for approval, ensuring alignment with business objectives, and support for strategic opportunities.
  • Homerun Presales: Used by Jupiter One, Brian Lewis described how Homerun Presales manages POV plans and sets clear client expectations. This tool facilitates tracking efforts across technical sales cycles and ensures all activities and criteria are documented and visible to both teams and clients.

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If you have inquiries, you can reach out to the webinar hosts through the following channels:

Paul H. Pearce
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