Webinar Recording – Delivering Successful Hybrid Demos - Great Demo

Webinar Recording – Delivering Successful Hybrid Demos

Great Demo!’s Julie Hansen joined the Consensus crew for this webinar:

“Delivering demos in a hybrid environment comes with a unique set of challenges.  Should you be live or remote when you have an audience in each location?  How do you gauge attention and interest with both live and remote participants?  How do you manage discussion and engagement without alienating one group?  Developing a strategy for your hybrid demo is vital to ensure you don’t lose a deal because of unforced errors.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Critical considerations when planning a hybrid demo
  • How to set your hybrid demo up for success
  • How to manage both face-to-face and virtual attendees for optimal inclusion
  • How to gauge attention and interest of both groups
  • Best practices for using a producer to manage meeting flow and participation”

 You can find the recording here.  Note that there were some internet hiccups during the session – you’ll have a wonderful view of Garrett looking concerned and a bit confused…!

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