Gondola.ai Discovery Video Interview - Great Demo

Gondola.ai Discovery Video Interview

From the fine folks at Gondola (previously Demoflow):

“How do you uncover true business pain when on a Discovery call with a prospect? More importantly, how do you quantify that pain and dig deeply for the impact of solving that pain? These are all critical elements of running a great Discovery call with a prospect.

In this episode of The Art of Discovery, Peter Cohan of Great Demo! and I talk about exactly that. How to uncover and quantify business pain and investigate the impact of the desired state.

We’ll review a 3-step formula to help you do this:

– What is it today?: Identify and quantify the pain

– What would you like it to be? Identify and quantity the desired future state

– We have a great delta of value. Now what?”

You’ll note that the conversation includes many of the key discovery elements introduced in Doing Discovery. You can find this 27-minute interview here!

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