Great Demo! Webinar Topics – Poll - Great Demo

Great Demo! Webinar Topics – Poll

We’ve had a number of requests for various webinar topics – let us know which are of most interest to you…!

  • Engagement Strategies and Hybrid Demo Meetings – Opportunities and Realities Post-COVID
  • Presales Tools Review 
  • Managing POCs and Evaluations – Types of Technical Evaluations
  • Great Demo! Fundamentals
  • Aligning Great Demo! with Sales Methodologies
  • Great Demo! and Buyer Enablement
  • Great Demo! Approaches for Enabling the Channel
  • The Myth of the “Customized” Demo – and Doing Discovery
  • Methodology Implementation and Adoption – Pragmatics and Practices 
  • The Perfect Demo Environment (Reprised)
  • The Perfect Presales/Sales Partnership (Reprised)
  • Automated Demo Content – Getting It Right (Reprised)

Any other topics you’d like us to explore?

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