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Webinar Recording: Anatomy of a Discovery Conversation

In which we actually performed an unrehearsed discovery call, following our discovery methodology, with “call outs” from time to time to highlight and explain key elements, skills, and principles. This wasn’t your standard webinar!

See a real-life example of doing discovery that can serve as the basis for a template for you and your team, as well.

To set the context for this webinar, our prospect has reached out to us asking about demo skills training possibilities. We had an initial 20-minute conversation about our offerings, after which we sent information on our training options and pricing. After digesting this information, our prospect reconnected for the next step: a discovery conversation.

We interspersed the conversation with comments and observations about the anatomy of this discovery call, exploring some of the key elements of discovery, including:

  • About You
  • Demographics
  • Environment
  • Major Pain
  • Impact
  • Value
  • Related Pain
  • Culture
  • Wrap-up

Note that our prospect provided real-life complexity with regards to his situation, making the conversation more challenging than the average discovery call!  Listen-in as we interviewed our prospect…

You can find the recording here.  Enjoy!

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