“In the Hotseat” Discovery Recording - Great Demo

“In the Hotseat” Discovery Recording

The recording is now available from this intriguing 47-minute discussion of Doing Discovery. I joined co-hosts Michael Fauscette and Pete Smith as they put me “In the Hot Seat”! We explored:

  • Enterprise sales productivity defined
  • Declines in sales productivity
  • Obsolete enterprise sales process thinking
  • Only 13% of vendors understand their prospects’ needs
  • Discovery and sales effectiveness
  • Current state of discovery skills and know-how
  • 4 out of 5 salespeople think they are skilled at doing discovery, but actually are not
  • Why do objections occur?
  • What is discovery? Destinations on the discovery journey
  • Demo Qualified Lead definition
  • Vision Generation Demos – the art of the possible
  • Discovery space graphic
  • Easy to ask, easy to answer
  • The high-value quadrant
  • Cultural questions
  • “About You” example
  • Conversation vs inquisition
  • Buyer Enablement – anticipating needs
  • Experienced vs inexperienced buyers
  • Experienced vs inexperienced champions
  • Will discovery slow the sales process down? (Nope)
  • Discovery vs qualification
  • Two doctors example – and trust
  • Definition of enough discovery
  • Will discovery slow the sales process down? (Reprised)
  • Uncovering and selling value
  • Buying tools vs complex solutions
  • PLG – discovery and demos for transactional sales cycles
  • What prospects don’t know…
  • “Discovery” calls becoming discounting negotiations


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