Webinar Recording - "How PreSales Can Run More Effective Evalutions" - Great Demo

Webinar Recording – “How PreSales Can Run More Effective Evalutions”

“From growing revenue and headcount to capturing insights and collaborating across multiple functional areas, running a PreSales team is no easy feat. So, how do you effectively scale PreSales success to meet high growth targets across the globe? The answer is in the data.

Whether you call it a Proof of Concept (POC), a Trial, Pilot, or a Proof of Value (POV), hands-on product evaluations are often table stakes for getting important B2B deals done.  In this critical stage PreSales teams are expected to deliver customer value and support the sales team in closing bigger, faster deals.”

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined Brett Crane, VP of PreSales at Vivun, for a conversation on “how to execute evaluations with better outcomes while protecting your time and resources”.

You can find the recording here – enjoy!

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