Webinar Recording – 7 Levels of Discovery Skills for Communicating Customer Value

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined the fine folks at Cuvama for this webinar on doing discovery and communicating value:

“Sales leaders report that while 80% of their teams think they do a good job with discovery and value exploration, sadly only 20% actually do!

Join this webinar to learn where you and your team are on the 7 levels of discovery and how you can level-up the 80% with skills and support from technology platforms like Cuvama.

This webinar is targeted at anyone in sales, presales, sales & presales management or leadership for B2B software and SaaS companies.

We covered:

  • How to assess your team against the 7 levels of discovery
  • How you compare against the other attendees of the webinar and a quick survey
  • How you can improve the level of your team with improved skills, process and technology”

You can find the recording here – enjoy!


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