DEMOFEST West Coast Live and Face-to-Face: “Overcoming Sales Objections” – March 29 San Francisco

I’ll be presenting “Overcoming Sales Objections – Why Many Sales Objections Shouldn’t Need to Be Overcome” at this face-to-face presales conference:

  • “Help me understand how to handle customer sales objections…”
  • “My team needs to learn how to handle objections…”
  • “We get lots of sales objections in our demos and need to manage them better…”

Sound familiar?

Many sales and presales training programs discuss ways to overcome objections, and managers frequently request skills training for their teams. There are numerous books, blog posts and articles on the subject, including the use of some rather intriguing acronyms (e.g., ARC, LAER, FFF, LAARC, and ECIRR).

But, why do prospects raise objections? Is it possible that vendors are working to address the wrong problem? Is it possible that objections are a symptom of deeper problems? Perhaps sales objections shouldn’t come up in the first place, in a well-executed sales process!

We’ll explore some typical objections, their causes and some solutions (plus any you’d like to add!).

Looking forward to seeing you in person! Register here for the event.

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