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Great Demo! 3rd Edition?

I’m contemplating drafting a 3rd Edition of Great Demo! and would love to include success stories from existing practitioners. I’ve also been thinking about a Foreword written by those of you who directly benefited from applying the methodology.

In addition, are there any topics you would like to see included?

Please let me know if you have a success story to share or other ideas!

1 thought on “Great Demo! 3rd Edition?”

  1. great book! I have read the first edition, and yeah immediately after implementing some of the ideas of the book I was already benefiting from it,
    The first story is that I moved my demos from being the typical “you click here and then you click there…” to be more focused on use cases with barely a few clicks and starting from the results, and moving on to some more deep explanations only if necessary.
    So one time I did this on a presentation/demo to a customer during RFP phase, and I clearly reduce the demo time by just creating some templates that I would click and move on, that demo was that well received by a manager of the company at that time that, first of all, we won that RFP, second that manager ended up offering me a job that I ended performing over 10 years and I am still a very good friend of that manager, even after moving to other companies, so I would say the impact of reading your book was immense 😉
    Many thanks!

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