Vision Generation Topics

“Bits About Books” Interview

This 50-minute interview explores the Great Demo! founding story and origins of the book, plus descriptions and explanations of many Great Demo! concepts.

How to Rake Your Way into the Future of Presales

Keeping up with the rollercoaster of changes, or ‘new normals’ if you will, is something we’re all facing in the middle of this COVID-19 commotion. But for presales in the IT and software industry it may feel like somewhat of a recognizable phenomenon. The comfort of a steady normal has been fading in this field since the millennium and it looks like the latest turn of events will determine a different ball game yet again.

“Scaling Presales Effectiveness”

Peter Cohan joined John Care and Don Carmichael when the fine folks at Consensus convened this panel in a “Scaling Presales Effectiveness” webinar. 

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