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Vision Generation Topics

The Significant Failure of Traditional Demos in Modern Selling

While this information does not signal the demise of the seller’s role, it does require that we use more advanced and effective mechanisms to influence and impact buyers’ decisions, especially when providing a demonstration.  Fortunately, demonstration skills improvement courses have existed for years yet many train traditional practices originated in the early 2000s.  As an example, you may have heard of one demo approach simply illustrated as Tell, Show, Tell (T-S-T).  The traditional Tell, Show, Tell approach has served the industry well for years and has helped many presales consultants improve their ability to tell stories and connect with buyers.   When we consider new research from the world’s leading sales methodologies we find that the old school practices are simple yet have failed to keep pace with innovation and best practices.

Webinar Recording: Discovery on the Fly? Some Plane Thinking

The temptation can be strong to try Discovery on the Fly, particularly when the prospect initiates an inbound lead by clicking the “Book a Demo” button. After all, they want to see a demo, right? We’ll just ask them a few questions along the way…

Presenting Software – Taking a Page from Restaurant Waiters’ Playbook

Notice how waiters in mediocre restaurants serve dishes: they simply ask, “Who had the linguini?” and plonk! – a plate of pasta plops down in front of you and the waiter disappears. Now consider how waitstaff in elegant restaurants serve dishes. As they gently place the plate, they also turn it, carefully, to the position that best presents the food. Next, they describe what you are seeing…

Webinar: Create Deal Velocity with Vision Generation Demos!

An underutilized and remarkably effective technique, Vision Generation Demos have proven to be the crisp cure for stunningly awful Harbor Tours, cutting to the chase and saving tremendous time for both vendors and prospects. When should they be used? How are they delivered? How are they constructed?

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