Two Presales in a Pod - What Is Lead Churn? - Great Demo

Two Presales in a Pod – What Is Lead Churn?

In which we explore stories of the horrors of “Lead Churn” (and some solutions).

From the Legumes:

“Peter Cohan and Rob Dean live on Two PreSales in a Pod – Podcast!!!

We’re back with another of your favourite topics: How buyers are treated at the start of their journey with you (which is NOT, the start of their journey).

Peter Cohan and Rob Dean join hosts Adam Freeman, Mark Green and Tom Edwards to discuss this hot topic. Now presales have the tools to scale further up the funnel – what’s wrong with providing what these buyers need at that point rather than scaring them away with BANT?

Massive value. Thanks both for joining myself [Mark Green], Adam Freeman and Thomas Edwards”

You can find this 33-minute recording here and remember to always finish your vegetables… Enjoy!

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