What Do You Think About This Approach? - Great Demo

What Do You Think About This Approach?

Here’s an email I received recently (slightly redacted to protect identities) – what do you think about this approach to offering a demo?

Hi Peter,

As a company, YY believes transparency is the best way forward in reducing the number of ZZ incidents in the future and minimizing their impact when they do happen. That’s why YY is committed to building a network where the XX of every company is available on-demand to reduce the time and complexity of completing ZZ.

Do you have 15 minutes to talk about how YY can help your company be more transparent? My previous offer still stands. If you complete a demo, I’ll send you a pair of AirPod 3s.*

Schedule Demo [Button with link to landing page]


AA Account Manager 

*Offer valid for any decision-maker/influencer in relation to your company’s ZZ management strategy. Company size should exceed 100 employees. Valid in countries where order and delivery can be fulfilled via apple.com. Exclusions apply. Limit 1 per company. Personalized demos take place after the initial discovery call.

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