Vision Generation Demo Challenge - Great Demo

Vision Generation Demo Challenge

If you had only 4 minutes with a prospect and had to choose only 3 screens to show from your software for a particular job title, what would they be?

Your answers – the screens, reports, or dashboards you select – are the basis for successful Vision Generation Demos.

Along similar lines, if you want your prospect to remember just 3 key ideas or benefits that these 3 screens represent or enable, what would they be?

Finally, if you want to articulate the tangible value that these 3 deliverables could provide for your prospect, what would it include?

Why only 3 screens/deliverables? Because your prospect will likely only remember 3 ideas, whether your demo runs 4 minutes, 40 minutes, or 4 hours! They will also take away impressions, however, which can range from “targeted, focused, and clear” to “complex, confusing, and way more than we need…”  Crisply presenting just 3 ideas provides prospects with a concentrated, more precise recollection. Make it count!

For Vision Generation, less is more.

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