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7 Thoughtful Habits for Web Meetings

Consider using face-to-face meeting practices as a model for web meetings.  For example,

  1. You wouldn’t walk into a company conference room with your hands covering your face, so turn on your webcam!
  2. You wouldn’t sit down at a company conference room table wearing sweatpants, so dress reasonably for web meetings!
  3. You wouldn’t leave last week’s donuts, coffee cups, papers, and white board scribbles in a meeting room when preparing the room for a customer visit, so clean up your home office!
  4. You wouldn’t have people sit in a dark conference room for a conversation where they couldn’t see one another’s facial features, so organize your home office lighting to (nicely) illuminate your face!
  5. You wouldn’t whisper or garble your comments and questions in a face-to-face meeting, so make sure your microphone is clear and audible, without VOIP “chop”!
  6. You wouldn’t force people to sit in a conference room for 2 (or more) hours without a break, so take breaks as desired during web meetings!
  7. We wouldn’t eat, “multi-task”, text or online shop in a face-to-face meeting… Oh, OK, perhaps we would – but we probably shouldn’t…!

Any others to suggest?

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