Webinar Recording – What is Presales Series: Presales Is the Secret to Shorter Sales Cycles

The fine folks at Vivun (https://www.vivun.com/) hosted this first offering in their series of “What is Presales?” webinars:

Buyers want experts.  In today’s world of product-led sales there has never been a bigger opportunity or risk in leveraging the presales team. The companies who can use their technology to tell a captivating story, while understanding the technical selling patterns that lead to deals, will simply grow faster than their peers.

Watch the recording and learn:

  • The “7 Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos” from speaker and author Peter Cohan to ensure you are engaging prospects, fast-tracking deals, and putting competitors on their heels from the first meeting.
  • How the data generated throughout the technical selling process can unlock the secrets to shorten sales cycles from Vivun CEO Matt Darrow.

54 engaging minutes of facts, best practices, and breakthrough new tools – you can find the recording here.  Enjoy!

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