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Coronavirus and Remote Demos

With the growing concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus, organizations are cancelling large gatherings and working reduce exposure for employees, third parties and customers.

Accordingly, there will likely be a sharp rise in the use of web-delivered demos (via Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.).

To help you make your Remote Demos as effective as possible, here are a number of terrific resources:

  • Webinar Recording:  The fine folks at Zoom hosted this webinar featuring Peter Cohan introducing (and demonstrating) best practices to capture and engage audiences over the web.  The recording of this 1 hour session can be found here.
  • Article:  Great Demo! Remote Demos Best Practices:  This most recent article harvests some of the best and most recent practices.  You can find the article here.
  • Article:  Remote Demos – The Role of the Active Conduit:  This articles identifies and details an often unconsidered best practice.  You can find it here.
  • Article:  Stunningly Awful Remote Demos – The Top Ten List of Inflicting Pain at a Distance:  A bit older, more humorous summary of best (and worst) practices. Located here.
  • Article: Stunningly Awful Web “Overview” Demos – The Gruesome Anatomy of a 1-Hour Web Overview:  An in-depth exposure to the hazards of traditional demos delivered over the web.  You can find this gem here.
  • There are more articles (and PDF’s of the articles above) on our Articles web page – enjoy!
  • Remote Coaching: All Great Demo! Affiliates are ready to help you (and your teams) via remote coaching for Demos, Remote Demos, Doing Discovery, Storytelling, Managing POC’s and other presales practices).  Contact us to discuss.
  • Remote Workshops: Similarly, we can facilitate full Great Demo! Workshops remotely, as well.  Again, contact us to discuss.

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe…!

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