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Great Demo! 3rd Edition – Pre-Call for Prerelease Feedback

Hi All,

I’m in the process of drafting a 3rd Edition of Great Demo! and am looking for folks who would be willing and interested to provide feedback and suggestions on the manuscript.

The 3rd Edition should be designed to guide and support preparation and delivery of demos for the next twenty years (give or take a few…) and include best practices for Virtual Demos, Vision Generation Demos, Multi-Solution and Multi-Player Demos, Storytelling, Managing POCs and Other Forms of Proof, Demo Environments, Elements of Style, and offer some pragmatics on implementing the methodology for practitioners.

I’d like to hear from five groups:

  1. Those who have never been exposed to the book or the training: A fully fresh viewpoint;
  2. Those who have been exposed to some of the ideas via our blog, LinkedIn posts, articles, or other mechanisms, but have never read the book or been trained;
  3. Those who have read the 1st or 2nd edition and/or have been through Great Demo! training;
  4. Presales, sales, marketing, customer success, and other leaders who have provided the book or training for their teams;
  5. Enablement folks who have driven implementation and adoption of the Great Demo! methodology in their organizations.

Each of these perspectives are important! 

Please let me know if you’d like to pursue this and I’ll let you know when the draft is ready!

Many thanks,


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