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Demo Jockeys Interview Part 2 – Doing Discovery

I joined the fabulous folks at the Demo Jockeys for a discussion of the Doing Discovery book. Here’s a timeline for part 2 of the interview (Minutes:Seconds):

0:00     Configuring couches for laptops

3:00     Extolling the virtues of Moosehead Lake in Maine

4:00     Interview begins

4:30     Curiosity-driven discovery vs a “chore”

6:15     Confirm the normal, investigate the outliers

8:00     A great story about differentiation

9:45     “You know you’ve already closed me…!”

11:00   Another great story: the “Sales Prevention Team”

13:30   The risk of demoing from a script

15:00   Understanding the buyer’s journey, when you haven’t been a buyer

18:00   Buyer experience vs problem/solution complexity

20:00   Another story: Learning how to sell internally

23:00   Intro to Buyer Enablement and examples

25:45   Cohan activities – a raft of articles and posts on the Great Demo! website Resources pages

29:45   Should we do a session or two on the Third Edition of Great Demo!?

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