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Automated Demos Do: Get to the Point!

I just watched a website-hosted automated demo and was appalled at what I saw!

The demo is designed to highlight the capabilities of the vendor’s forecast management and reporting tool. It starts logically, offering, “Let’s answer the question, ‘How do I know what will close this quarter?’”

  • It then takes you on a journey of eleven clicks, but never actually answers the question!
  • Instead, it explores a range of “If” and “Or” options.
  • Several times, I had to hunt and guess where to click. I might have terminated the demo if I was a real prospect because of that frustration.

It was basically an automated Stunningly Awful Harbor Tour…!

Here’s a Great Demo! approach:

  1. Offer several different automated demos to choose from (or paths, if that option is available in the tool), based on
    1. Job Title or
    2. Task
    3. And let the prospect choose which to pursue…
  2. Use the dialogue text box to present a Great Demo! Situation Slide.
  3. Present the desired deliverable screen (if possible, without having to back click afterwards): the Illustration. Provide a summary of what the prospect is seeing.
  4. Next, lead the prospect through the fewest number of clicks to navigate from a logical starting point to the Illustration, then summarize in a text box: Do It.
  5. Then, offer the option to slice/dice to see some of the other views if the prospect desires: Peel Back the Layers!
  6. Summarize again, based on how far the prospect progresses (the demo could provide crisp summaries in the text boxes after each new view).

Interestingly, the final screen in this vendor’s automated demo included a “Request a Demo” button. This seems redundant, didn’t I just watch a demo? Instead, I’d recommend, “Request a Consultation” or similar.

If you’d like to make your automated demos crisp, compelling, and surprisingly successful, contact Natasja Bax at!

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