“Burning Presales” Podcast - Great Demo

“Burning Presales” Podcast

The fine folks at Consensus have started a “Burning Presales Podcast” series – Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan was honored with the first two installments:

Episode 1:  “What’s the first thing presales leaders need to understand today vs 10 years ago?”

This 7.5 minute dialog explored presales ratios, with a few comments about the traditional sales:presales resourcing ratio vs scaling, along with thoughts about vision, goals, objectives and KPIs, and some differences in thinking between sales leaders vs. CROs.  You can find the recording here.  

Episode 2:  “How do [presales] frontline managers create better alignment with sales?”

Often a tough nut to crack…!  We explored a few challenges, examined specific roles, doing discovery, and discussed a non-obvious and intriguing solution, along with Vision Generation methods.  You can find this 8.5-minute podcast here. 


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