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Do It Again?  Great Demo! Methodology Evolution

A number of Great Demo! Workshop graduates noted that while the Great Demo! book uses the phrase, “Do It Again”, the current term used in Workshops and communications is “Peel Back the Layers”.  They asked, “Why the change?”

It’s a small example of ongoing evolution, a key to the success of any methodology!  More impactful examples of improvement and extension of Great Demo! include:

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Accordingly, if you participated in a Great Demo! Workshop previously, you may want to consider reinforcing and expanding your demo methodology toolkit by enrolling in a Great Demo! Master Class.

Coming back to “Do It Again” vs. “Peel Back the Layers”, they both mean the same thing, but “Peel Back the Layers” is a more accurate way of communicating the core idea – which is turn your demo into a two-way, bi-directional conversation while applying inverted pyramid approaches.  Your demo should explore capabilities in as much depth as your prospect desires (but no further, generally speaking!).

How is your evolution going…?





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