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A Simple, Terrific Qualification Test

Here’s a subtle idea:  prospects that are “just browsing” (those who are not in an active buying process) aren’t interested in a discovery conversation about their situation – it is too early for them; but prospects that are actively seeking a solution will be much more agreeable to invest in a substantive discovery conversation.

Accordingly, a simple qualification test is to explore the willingness of prospects to engage in discovery.  

Those prospects who are just browsing should be provided with short Vision Generation Demos (an Ignition Demo – https://greatdemo.com/25295-2/) to provide them with an idea of what’s possible.  When offered the opportunity to “explore your situation further”, prospects who are just browsing are more likely to say, “No thanks, just send me some information…”  They should then be added to your nurture or drip marketing programs.

Those prospects who are actively seeking solutions will also appreciate a Vision Generation Demo – and once they have gained an understanding of what’s possible, they’ll often be very willing to engage in a discovery conversation.  In many cases they have an unconscious desire to be discovered.  They represent a substantially more qualified lead.

Just browsing prospects don’t want discovery; Active buying prospects often want to be discovered…!

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