Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast - Great Demo

Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast

From the Podsters:

“2022 PreSales Predictions: Check out the Two PreSales in a Pod – Podcast festive episode.

Join Adam Freeman, Thomas Edwards, Mark Green, our very special guest (and poet) Peter Cohan, and myself [Don Carmichael] for a fun half-hour chatting through our 2022 predictions and key trends for the PreSales/SE profession.

This episode was ‘super, brilliant, fantastic and awesome’ (listen to the podcast to find out why I used those words).  We talk about huge changes and undercurrents happening in our profession; the impact of ethics and geography on talent, authenticity, the future of PreSales compensation and even why we need to be investigating the metaverse right now.”

You can find this delightful 37-minute episode here – enjoy!

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