We Rarely Try Something New… - Great Demo

We Rarely Try Something New…

In front of our prospects and customers…!

Example:  While many folks are aware of the annotation tools in Zoom and Webex, etc., they are very rarely used in virtual demos or presentations.  Why?

One likely possibility is that we don’t try these tools for our first time with a prospect on the line.  Of course not!  The risk of making an error or fumbling is too high.

Sadly, though, this means that for many people, we simply never try new tools or skills.

The good news is that for many tools and skills, we can test them out safely on our own without a prospect or customer in the session.  

With the annotation tools, for example, you can simply start a Zoom (or whatever) session, share your screen (nobody needs to be participating for you to do this), open the annotation tools and try them out.  No risk, no fear!

Once you have a bit of practice, you can use annotations to surprisingly good effect in demos, presentations, discovery calls and other online meetings.  

The act of a new and unanticipated annotation graphic appearing on the screen engages and refreshers your audience rather nicely.  Give it a try (on your own, first, of course)!

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