Podcast: 23 Nuggets from Doing Discovery – Technically Sold - Great Demo

Podcast: 23 Nuggets from Doing Discovery – Technically Sold

I joined Julien Emery of Technically Sold and Superpanel for this 55-minute discussion about Doing Discovery. (Note: I am NOT responsible for the title of this podcast!)

We explored a lot of territory:

  • Why I wrote Doing Discovery and what kicked it off
  • The impact of poor vs excellent discovery
  • Reducing No Decision outcomes
  • Reducing “wasted” demos
  • Reducing wasted POCs
  • Metrics and Demo Qualified Leads
  • Great Demo! Situation Slides
  • Discovery vs qualification
  • Key challenges in doing discovery
  • Avoiding an inquisition – quid pro quo
  • Diagnostic vs Biased Questions
  • Executives vs everyone else
  • Active Buying Process vs Just Browsing
  • Vision Generation Demos
  • Pricing and price ranges
  • The Myth of the Informed Buyer
  • Vision Reengineering
  • Biased Questions
  • Buying It Back
  • Four levels of skills and knowledge
  • Communicating business value
  • Burn Victims
  • Technology Adoption Curve and discovery
  • Recapping the 7 Levels of Doing Discovery
  • Enabling enablement
  • Product Led Growth
  • The value of discovery in a “down market”

You can find the podcast here. Enjoy!

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