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More Presales Tools!

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Here are two more tools to explore.  Success is a dream-come-true for managing POC’s; Jiminny is another call-recording analysis/coaching tool with a focus on the practitioner first.


From the Vendor:

Success is the Proof of Concept (POC) management platform purpose built for Sales Engineering teams. It is the first Sales Engineering platform that is listed by Gartner as Cool Vendor in the CRM Sales category. Success provides Sales Engineering teams the much-needed visibility into POC activities, customer engagements and overall health of POCs. Here are some of the key features that Success offers:

– POC Dashboard with health and POC data

– POC Reports, Insights and Analytics

– Automated workflows (Salesforce 2-way sync with Pudding)

– Customer engagement portal during active POCs

– Scope library and templates

– Task management and collaboration

– Documents management (with one click document sharing with customers)

– Notes for tracking POC activities (2-way synced with Salesforce)

– POC status and health checks

– Role based access control

– Inventory tracking module

Success is SOC2 certified and already used by many well-known companies. [Our] Customers love Pudding for its simple, intuitive user interface, and ease of use. Schedule a time with the Success team (, experience the platform yourself.

Our Comments:

Wow.  Wow!  If you have been looking for something to help manage POC’s (and POV’s, etc.) you need to check this out.  This is not an “emerging tool”; it is surprisingly mature.  It is intelligently designed and implemented, providing rich sets of capabilities for presales practitioners, presales managers – and for the customer, as well!


From the Vendor:

At Jiminny, we believe it is time to use technology to make coaching our sales people easier.  Jiminny is the platform for all your customer conversations.  Use Automation & AI to help your team grow and develop.  Never before has your teams performance been this visible across the whole sales cycle.  Now you can coach with impact.  Imagine making your sales rep’s job 3 x easier, whilst giving you better data at the same time.

Our Comments:

Jiminny focuses on enabling reps to coach themselves – and to want to coach themselves and be coached by their managers.  Accordingly, this tool emphasizes usage and benefits for the reps themselves, first – a grass-roots approach.  If the reps love it, then the data that managers need will be generated willingly.


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