“I’m not everybody…” - Great Demo

“I’m not everybody…”

“I’m not everybody…”

That’s what a prospect senior manager said when responding to the vendor’s comment that “Everybody likes this feature…” during a demo.

There are over 8 billion people in the world, and each is an individual. Why would we expect that one type of discovery should fit all individuals? Why would we expect that one demo should fit all people?

What about narrowing the field based on “personas”? Well, that’s a start, but most organizations’ definitions of personas are too broad, too squishy.

Instead, take a page (or two!) from Great Demo! and Doing Discovery, and organize your population by Job Title coupled with Industry. This method provides surprisingly good homogeneity with respect to Job Title objectives, pains, and needs, and enables you to focus quite precisely while also embracing specific individual differences.

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