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Demos and Prospects’ Mindset: Skeptical!

Most prospects have a skeptical, “prove it to me” mindset when they join a demo meeting, which means that vendors are starting their demos from a negative position (“champions” would likely be the exception). You can often detect this in prospects’ facial expressions and body language.

This effect is made even worse when little or no discovery is done, putting vendors in a position of just guessing prospect needs and interests.

Doing discovery mitigates the skepticism. Even better, starting a demo with a review of the prospect’s situation helps to move a prospect to a neutral, more open mindset.

Using Great Demo! Situation Slides is a very effective way to achieve this, ensuring that sufficient discovery is done prior to the demo, eliminating the guesswork and moving prospects into a much more positive attitude.

You can learn more about how to execute discovery to complete Situation Slides in the Doing Discovery book and Doing Discovery Workshops.

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