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The Silent Killer of Sales: Presales Professionals’ Inability to Articulate Value

the silent killer of sales: presales professionals' inability to articulate value

As presales professionals, we’re the front line of any successful sales effort. We’re the ones who bridge the gap between the technical capabilities of our products and the needs and goals of our customers.

But all too often, we struggle to communicate the value and benefits of our proposed solutions in a way that resonates with potential customers. We speak in technical jargon, we focus on features rather than benefits, and we fail to connect the dots between our solutions and our customers’ pain points.

This is the silent killer of sales.

No matter how innovative or powerful your product is, if you can’t effectively articulate its value to your customers, you will never reach your full potential in creating compelling solutions for your clients. It’s like having a Ferrari parked in your garage, but you can’t get the engine to start.

But there’s hope. Workshops like Great Demo! and Doing Discovery act as jumper cables for that Ferrari’s engine. They can help presales professionals like you overcome communication barriers, drive sales success, and create compelling solutions for your prospects and clients.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate this point.

A few years ago, I was working with a client in the cybersecurity space. They had a cutting-edge solution that could detect and prevent advanced cyber threats in real-time. But they were struggling to win new customers.

When I asked their presales team to demo the product, I was met with a flurry of technical terms and acronyms that left me feeling confused and overwhelmed. I knew we needed to change something.

We hosted a Great Demo! and Doing Discovery workshop that focused on developing more effective communication strategies for presales professionals. After just a few sessions, the results were remarkable. The team learned how to speak in plain language, focus on the benefits and value of the solution, and connect those benefits to the specific pain points of their customers.

The metaphor here is simple: a Ferrari is only as good as its driver. A powerful product is only as good as the presales professional who can communicate its value to potential customers.

At the core of any effective communication strategy is a focus on value and benefits, not features. Presales professionals need to understand the specific pain points of their customers and then explain how their product can solve those problems and add value.

It’s not about what the product can do, it’s about what it can do for the customer and if there is not enough value perceived to justify the expense of purchasing and implementing a new solution, why would your prospect spend its money with you? 

Demo and discovery skills workshops provide the training and guidance that presales professionals need to develop these critical communication skills. They offer a safe and supportive environment where participants can practice their techniques and receive constructive feedback from experienced trainers.

The impact of these workshops can be transformative. Presales professionals who once struggled to articulate the value of their solutions can become confident and effective communicators. They can close more deals, win more customers, and ultimately drive business growth.

As presales professionals, we need to remember that our ability to communicate the value and benefits of our proposed solutions is the key to sales success. Demo and discovery skills workshops can be the catalyst that unlocks our communication potential and drives business growth. So, let’s take the jumper cables, fire up the engine, and hit the road to success.


About the author

Paul H. Pearce has over 25 years of sales and executive leadership in Sales, Presales, Field Enablement, and Business Development. As the first certified Great Demo! and Doing Discovery training partner, Paul has mastered the methodologies and today contributes to its ongoing success helping organizations dramatically increase sales and success. As the President of Great Demo! LLC, Paul has consulted and trained hundreds of organizations and practitioners and recommends ways to increase sales and customer success through proven methodologies and real-world experience.

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