ChatGPT for Analogies - Great Demo

ChatGPT for Analogies

One terrific use of ChatGPT is to suggest analogies (or metaphors) to aid in your descriptions of features, functions, problems, outcomes, etc.

For example, 76 seconds is the time determined to be the average maximum for “speaker switches” in demos. How can you communicate this more concretely? 

Here’s what ChatGPT suggested, based on my prompt “give me analogy examples of 1.25 minutes”:

  • A commercial advertisement on TV.
  • The time it takes to brush your teeth.
  • Boiling an egg to a soft yolk consistency.
  • The duration of a typical song chorus.
  • The time it takes to microwave a small snack.
  • The time it takes for a quick stretch break at work.
  • The time it takes to leave a voicemail message.
  • The length of a short meditation session.
  • The duration of a typical traffic light cycle.

Interesting – it’s like having a Thesaurus of Analogies!

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