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Mostly For Managers

A Perfect Demo Environment…

In your demos, how often do you find you are apologizing for an inability to demonstrate capabilities, complete workflows, or present compelling results and reports? Far too often, in many cases!

Stunningly Successful Methodology Implementation – Best (and Worst) Practices

This article was specifically written for:
– Presales managers and mentors (guidance on implementation and coaching your team)
– Presales individual contributors (read the article as if you were coaching yourself)
– Anyone contemplating implementing a sales or presales methodology (especially senior management)

Why Did They Buy?

Here’s a novel idea: Go visit your new customers four or five months after they purchased your software and after they have deployed it into production use. Ask them, “How are you using our software? What applications have you implemented? What value are you receiving?”

Demo Capital – Underutilized, Undervalued and Often Insufficient

Consider the sum of an organization’s knowledge, know-how, tools, techniques, tips and success stories related to demonstrating one’s offerings. As with other types of capital, how can this best be captured, developed, and leveraged? How is it valued (how should it be valued)? And is what you have today sufficient?

Stunningly Awful On-Boarding Demos – The Trouble Begins

“Learn the demo…” the group of newly hired presales folks are told, “and when you think you’re ready, we’ll have you present the demo back to us. If you do well, you’ll be certified and ready to start presenting to customers.” What’s wrong with this picture?

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