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Surprisingly Distracting Webcam Backgrounds

I was watching a webinar and noticed something surprisingly distracting…  Here’s a screenshot:  what happens when your eyes scan the video panes?

Did you find yourself (almost immediately!) reading the “360” or “dare to lead” in the lower pane and then scanning more of the book titles?  And did you also find yourself trying to read the text on the poster behind the presenter in the upper-left pane?

During the webinar, I realized I was unconsciously trying to read the book titles in the lower pane and the poster behind the person in the upper-left pane.  And, while scanning these, I noted that I wasn’t listening to the presenter – the poster and the books consumed my attention!

The upper-right background, on the other hand, is very clean and simple, with only the one book title in view – easy to consume rapidly and then turn attention back to the presenter.

Take a look at your real or virtual background – will your audience be paying attention to you or focusing on your background?

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