How Many Mouse Clicks? - Great Demo

How Many Mouse Clicks?

Perform and record your current standard “overview” demo and count the mouse clicks.  How many were there?  What would it take to cut the number by 10%?  25%?  50%?

Each click you make is tacitly asking your prospect to remember that action, but humans have a very limited capacity for short-term memory.  Very simply, the more clicks the more confusing and complicated your software will appear to your prospect.  

To paraphrase Sting in an old song,

“Every click you make, 

Every tap you take…” 

is making your software look harder to use and putting you at risk of Buying It Back.  

In Great Demo! methodology we say, “Use the fewest number of clicks…”  Ask yourself, “Am I really presenting our software in the best possible way – am I really using the fewest number of clicks?”

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