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Unqualified Demos? Be Concerned. Be VERY Concerned!

In Consensus’ illuminating 2022 Sales Engineering Compensation and Workload Report, a frightening insight was revealed:

“30% of demos are unqualified.  More than one half of this year’s respondents reported that at least 30% of demos are under- or unqualified.  A quarter of respondents say more than 50% are unqualified.”

For those of you delivering these demos – basically wasted demos – would you like that time back in your lives?  (Just say yes!)

For those of you managing the folks delivering these demos – would you rather invest this time more productively?  (Just say yes!)

Great Demo! methodology offers several structured approaches to addressing this challenge:

  1. The Menu Approach – a delightful way to avoid stunningly awful Harbor Tours
  2. Vision Generation Demos – a terrific way to satisfy the desire for a “demo” while moving into a discovery conversation
  3. Using Great Demo! Situation Slides to rapidly determine if you have a Demo Qualified Lead
  4. How to avoid the self-made trap of the “Disco-demo” and the risks of “Discovery on the Fly”
  5. When to use and how to create effective automated demos

Explore the Resources pages on our website for articles and blog tips on these methods – https://GreatDemo.com.

What percent of your demos are under- or unqualified?  What would you like it to be?

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